At iCom, our mission is to apply our knowledge and experience to the acquisition and development of sustainable and welcoming communities for the future.

Preferring a “hands-on” approach, the principals are intimately involved in many of the day-to-day operational functions that are essential to success of the firm. They have extensive management experience in all facets of real estate development and the construction industry. This level of experience contributes to a forward thinking company atmosphere, which allows for a level of flexibility to be able take advantage of developing market niches well in advance of the broader industry.

The company’s goals and objectives are focused on efficiently managing investments and creating a positive working environment through ethical business practices, mutual trust and respect for our customers and employees. As a result, the company has developed a reputation for developing quality projects and performing well for our investors and partners. iCom focuses on using a consistent group of award winning design consultants to achieve quality and efficiency, and retains the best talent available to assist with management and development.