Inland Communities Corp provided a wide range of lender support services ranging from pre-conveyance (i.e. foreclosure or deed in-lieu) and due diligence activities through project build-out and sales. iCom is well versed in the technical aspects of development and offer the experience and commitment to complement this knowledge. Whether it be a small residential subdivision, neighborhood commercial center, or master-planned community, iCom have the real estate expertise to help manage and sell an asset at the highest yield achievable.
The following highlights some of the typical consulting services we provided to various financial institutions and private developers:

I. Asset Analysis & Due Diligence: One of the most critical aspects in the lender conveyance process is understanding the attributes that define the value of a raw or developed parcel. Failure to recognize all the factors affecting development, and consequently the value of a parcel, may result in project failure or a less than optimal sales price. Knowledge of the development constraints and opportunities is critical to making an informed decision to build-out, joint venture, and hold or sell an asset.
a) Site Inspection;
b) Opportunity and Constraint Analysis – Physical, Environmental, Governmental, & Neighborhood;
c) Public Services Analysis;
d) Market Analysis and Product Recommendation;
e) Consultant coordination;
f) Government Process and Recommendation;
g) Schedule Preparation;
h) Financial Projections;
i) Title Coordination and Review;
j) Purchase Agreement Review; and
k) Budgets and Costs Estimating

II Government Entitlement and Project Management: Designing the project, obtaining government entitlements and managing the project to obtain all permits and clearances to begin construction is a key step in the development process.
a) Project and Product development
b) Consultant Coordination
c) Government Processing and Entitlements
d) Community Relations
e) Utility Coordination
f) Processing of Construction Plans to Permits
g) Value Engineering
h) Prepare Schedules, Budgets and Financial Projections